After the impurities from different parts of the body have been loosened and drawn into the intestinal tract, the patient receives a Basti. These gentle internal cleansing treatments use either warm herbalised oil or water-based herbal decoctions to eliminate impurities from the intestinal tract. This is one of the most important aspects of treatment. There are four types of these internal cleansing treatments: Matra Basti, Shodhana Basti, Kshir Basti, Brimhana Basti.

Matra Basti

Mild enema with herbalized oil.

Shodana Basti

Herbalized enema for elimination.

Kshir Basti

Enema with herbalised milk for rejuvenation and strength.

Brimhana Basti

Herbalised enema for nourishment and strength.