Heat treatments


Pizicili is a special treatment which includes oil massage and heat treatment. In this so-called ‘royal treatment’ a gentle, synchronised massage is carried out under a constant flow of warm herbal oil. This treatment is highly appreciated by all guests and produces good results in cases of joint problems and muscle tension.


Patrapotali is for joints. Cloth boluses containing a combination of balancing and healing herbs are applied to the affected area(s).


Small linen bags filled with a specially prepared mixture are applied locally to relieve pain. An additional major role in this therapy is played by the highly effective Maharishi AyurVeda herbal oils which are specially selected by the doctor for the parts of the body that are painful. The effect of the herbal extracts is to relieve the pain, and to relax and build up the affected area.


The oil massage is often followed by a herbal steam bath with specially selected medicinal herbs. This dilates the vessels and thereby assists the detoxification of the system. The term Swedana includes many different forms of heat treatment. The heat can be dry or damp, applied locally or to the whole body.


Powder bolus massage. It improves the circulation, movements of joints, effective in releasing a trapped nerves, reduce swelling.