Head treatments


This highly effective therapy includes thorough massage to head, shoulders and neck, inhalations, and compresses. Sinus inflammations, disturbed memory, or irritating sounds in the ear (e.g. tinnitus) are among the problems that can be improved through Nasya. An additional benefit of Nasya therapy, according to AyurVeda, is that it is said to strengthen the mind and intellect.


Thorough head massage (including neck and shoulders) – optional to preceed eye or ear treatment, can also preceed Shirodhara instead of full Abhyanga.

Shiro Basti

Herbal oil treatment for the head.


Ear therapy with oil.


Today’s world is saturated with optical stimuli and our eyes can often become strained and overtired, creating an adverse effect on our vision and brain activity. Netratarpana treatment has a relaxing effect on the eyes and surrounding tissue. It is carried out in conjunction with face massage and is experienced by our guests as very enjoyable and relaxing.